Sunday, December 26, 2010

cousin's + christmas

YOO!! hey guys!

As i mentioned before my singapore cousins~
their pictures~~here u go.
i love them loads!!!

Grace and Jayne

Gifts made by Brian, Grace, Jayne


Farenhit88 *so gonna go to tat shopping complex*

Next will be my Christmas Day out
with mummy and sissy
sissy bought a dress from Topshop and sneakers from Nike
seriously that dress i fall for it on the first sight

but still i prefer my grey tube dressie TT

Tried MOF a Japanese Cafe
gonna try their spaghetti , curry rice and other dessert next time
their ice cream rocks man love it so muchie!
those who haven tried before,
you should go and try =)

their menu~

strawberry ice cream, and 
some desserts with red bean,dumpling and macha ice cream + rice cakes

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