Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Glad that my colleagues celebrated my birthday
my very first time celebrating with them
Casey, Shirley,Vincent, Rachel, Goh, Sammie, Edison, Jeff etc~

Celebrated my bday with peng n her fren 
who's having the same bday with me
28.12 =)
these years me n peng exchange bday presents lol
since out bday is kinda near~
thx for the mask~ ur present will soon be in ur hand =P

of coz, i spend my time with sissy on 28th~ n also the tpians
*love them although it's just a simple celebration, it's better thn none*
 cherish every moment with u guys

did not celebrate my bday with few of my frens.
=*( sigh disappointing
watever getting use to it now

Let the picture talk~

we are both december 28th babies
 peng =)

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