Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shop for Charity at Natta Cosme

As we know in the past month, natural disaster Typhoon hits Philippines,Haiyan.
These people including children needs our help so badly. So lets lend a helping hand!
How can we contribute them? 
Lately, Natta Cosme starts up a charity fund raiser to raise funds to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines! Natta Cosme is actually giving out 100% of the proceeds by selling their products to the charity!

All you need to do is either go for one of these option
1. Donate RM10
2. Purchase any products that is listed as charity, then the money will go to the charity :) 
*note all donation or purchase of charity product will go to the charity!*
Doesn't it feel good when you actually get to use the products at the same time contribute some good deeds to the victims? 

As a part the Butterfly Project Malaysia , i would like to raise some awareness for this meaningful event and urge everyone to take part in this charity!

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