Wednesday, December 4, 2013

[Last Reminder Alert] Mentos - Cintai Malaysia Contest

So everyone! Have you guys participated in Mentos - Cintai Malaysia Contest?!
Check out my past blog post mentos - cintai malaysia contest

If you have no idea what's going on or probably you think 
"huh? since when Mentos have contest" 
"why i bought Mentos but don't know this contest existence one?"
Don't worry, just scroll down my blog for more info :)

Grab a Mentos in any stores and join the CINTAI MALAYSIA contest from 
15th October 2013 - 15 January 2014 *one more month to go!*
You can stand a chance to Win a holiday and prizes up to RM 130,000 are up for grabs!!

Want to go to Sipadan or Redang or Tioman or Langkawi for FREE?
Easy peasy, just grab yourself some Mentos, you can enjoy your mentos while waiting the grand prize winner to be announce! 

What's more is, you will stand a chance to win some daily prizes! Smartphone or KFC Voucher! 
awesome right?!

How to Join?
1. Grab some Mentos
 2. Unwrap your Mentos
3. Look through the question and instructions. Get the code
4. Send an SMS to enter (cost Rm0.30
Enter through Mentos Facebook Page
So what are you waiting for? Join before it ends on Jan!


  1. I joined the campaign too! hahaha nice blog :D Followed you!!

    1. Followed u too babe! yea yea saw it from ur blog n insta *creative la the way u organize the Mentos(ur insta pic)*