Friday, November 8, 2013

Philips: Innovation That Matters You.

So i came across Tammy's blog about a meaningful contest held by Philips. This project aims to collect some innovative ideas to help make the society or country a better place to live in I find that this event is really meaningful as it definitely make us squeeze some creative juice. Our ideas might change one's live!

Before you continue reading my post, check out this video!
You can also check out Philip's website for more info
This contest is really easy, all you need to do is submit ideas for healthier homes or safer cities.
By participating in this contest, you are able to help people and win yourself some awesome prizes from Philips!

How it works? 

1. All you need to do is log in to Philip's website
Check out How it works/ Contribute your idea!
 2. You can choose either contributing ideas for Healthy Homes or Safer Cities

3. Before you think about an innovative idea, here's some tips
  • Realistic - it must be practical to implement.
  • Sustainable  - it should demonstrate long term viability.
  • Benefit many, not a few - the more people it benefits the better your chance of having your idea implemented.
4. Fill up your idea, security code and submit!

 Even my idea is meh, but i will keep on thinking to come out with a better idea! Our idea might help the community! so what are you waiting for? Take part in this meaningful contest too!


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