Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Garage 51,sunway

Hmm. I think without any further introduction, most of us know what Garage51 is. Garage 51 is by Coffee Societe, its located right opposite sunway college back entrance. A location that is strategic enough *college students* but horrible enough*lack of parking*

However, the ambiance of Garage 51 is attractive enough to attract people. Since i have no idea how to go Publika to try out Coffee Societe, at the mean time, i tried out Garage 51.

It wasnt as spacious as i thought, i heard Garage 51 is usually packed. Lucky enough to grab ourselves a quiet seat on the 2nd level.


The following pictures were taken with Lumix GF-6, fall in love with Peng's camera in seconds. TT

Peng's latte *look at the effect!*

according to Peng, the latte taste good!

My cup of mocha (taken with note2)

For me, it taste not bad, but not my favorite cup of mocha

Some random shots by lumix GF6(different effects)


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  1. Looks like a nice place to visit! :D I like how you take pics with different cameras to show their difference (^^)