Saturday, October 19, 2013


On the 19th, #ChurpOut2013 ! It was my second time attending churpout event! I remember #churpout2012 was held at Publika! This year churpout2013 held at Setia City Mall! Because of churpout, i made my way to Setia City Mall lol, but its definitely worth it!
This year my sissy and peng tagged along :) girls are the best companion! We reached there around 11.30am. Not much crowd yet, and it was a sunny day :)
After showing our QR code (we pre-registered online), we get the goodies bags on hand. First thing i saw is this cute LINE fan! Sucha great tool to use out in this hot weather!
The next thing we spotted was Kyochon's booth! It was crowded! Since it's endorsed by Suju n Ailee, for sure we will give it a try! Whats more is Korea chicken taste really good! Check out Siwon and Donghae's standee!
We bought Chicken Salsa(boneless) and original taste, it cost RM20:) we were given sauce choice for chicken salsa! Either honey mustard or another option was some bbq sauce. Since they strongly recommended Honey Mustard i choose it even i hate mustard *meh*
After tasting chicken salsa with Honey Mustard i think it taste awesome! The chicken taste good too! It still have the crunchy texture even we ate it like 40minutes later! It looks good right! Taste good too!
I love the original taste too! Well marinated! Noms! My mum loves it too!
Koreans always being considerate! Gloves for you to eat your chicken comfortably!
Next stop we headed towards the fashion vendor side to have a photo session with the bloggers!
So we headed to SesameChesnut (Lumi), Jessica Chaw and Melissa1010's vendor. They were selling cloths and accessories ranging from RM5-RM50! I managed to grab Lumi's dress for RM35. I love that dress ever since i saw she wore in few of her pictures in Instagram! Now its mine ^^
With the pretty Lumi! I remember sawing her at WeChat's party. She looks pretty with any hair color! *envy* she remembers my name *blush*
With the pretty and friendly Jessica! She's tall
With Melissa1010! She's pretty too! All 3 of them looks pretty and have small face. I should have cover my watermelon face *hides*
Next up, we went to Cheesie, Audrey and bobostephanie's vendor. They are too pretty! Of course, i took a picture with them *blush*

Then we saw people attempting churp's reverse bungee! My sissy wanted to go for it, but she wore dress. Bahaha. I was the only one wearing shorts, but my kiasi-ness refrained me to attempt.
Bump into Nuffnang's boss Timothy this time, couldnt miss a chance to take a picture with him! So here you go, a picture of me and Timothy!
Around 1pm it was even crowded! Then we tried our luck in winning ourselves churp's plushie! Felt so happy when i got tagged in their pic *spot my name suquan!!* yeppie! 
Besides that, churpout2013 gave us the opportunity to try out Wowphotobooth! I saw numerous bloggers posting the pics they took through wowphotobooth, this time i got to try it free!
They provide many props for us!
Check out their facebook page for more info!
Too bad we have to leave around 3.30pm since we were afraid that it might rain cats and dogs! We missed out the chance to take a pic with Dennis Yin, Shawn Lee and Rubben Kang! Sigh!
The goodies i grabbed home!
I am looking forward to attend the next churpout! We had so much fun thr!


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    1. Its a fun event. Its okay.nxt year u cn try to go ^^

  2. hey babe, did you know around 4pm they gave out free chicken? D':
    anyways i just did a review on the event too :)

    1. Hey!! i didn't know about that since i left around 3.40 =( shouldn't have went home so fast! your review is more detailed! enjoy reading ur posts ;)