Friday, September 27, 2013

The unforgettable travel journey to Seoul

Apparently i saw Korean Air Southeast Asia is holding the Asian On Air Program 2013, the contest title is my Unforgettable Travel Story. Immediately, my trip to Seoul pops up in my mind.
Hurry! Participate the contest as it will end on 29 September 2013! Stand a chance to win a trip to Seoul! 

Seoul was my first country which I have been to that is away from Malaysia more than a thousand miles. 
During my January trip to Seoul, of course, the season would be Winter. Bahaha, it strikes another reason why this trip is memorable! It's my first time seeing snow after living on earth for 22 years! Few days after Golden Disc Awards 2013 in Sepang, i flew to Korea. Jan19, the day my virgin passport get a kiss all the way from South Korea's immigration. Which i'm totally proud and excited of!

Few reasons why Seoul is my unforgetable trip 
1.SNOW, Winter Season
As i mentioned earlier it was my first time experiencing winter season. I was so overwhlemed that i get to see real snow (not the fake ones in Genting Snow World lol) in front of me! snow laying on the path of Seoul Tower Ville
 speaking of winter season, i planned to drop by Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival , it goes on from 5th January 2013 to 27th January 2013. Check out my Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival for detailed info! I was attracted to this festival as there are many types of activities such as  
Ice fishing , lure fishing, bare-hand fishing, Ice sledding, bobsledding, ice football, slides, snow sculptures, snow sledding, World Snowman Square, ice rink, ice train, snow train

 It's a fun and enjoyable experience fishing on ice and to eat fresh trouts! you can taste the freshness of the trouts in your mouth! Yet those are the trouts that we caught by ourselves! it added flavor to it! NOMS.Moreover, having hot red bean pastries during the cold weather made me feel good!
Fishing on ice! it's quite easy to get one fish lol. but it's difficult to remove it from the bait.

The awesome surrounding in Hwacheon. Too beautiful to see the whole land covered with white snow
 Some beautiful ice scultptures 
On the downside, my cheapskate boots spoilt when i arrive to Hwacheon... my foot shiver in the cold weather. Melted ice water even get into my boots. Sucha "awesome experience"
Oh yea, during winter season, i get to experience using hot pack. Usually i see variety shows, they tend to use these hot packs. so it's cool and fun using it! it keep my hands warm!

2.Food! Korea's food taste good!
I managed to grab a quick bite from the famous bakery Paris Baguette before taking the commuter subway , looking at their pastries made me drool. i choose the sandwich since my sis strongly recommended it to me.
Another yummilicious food that u should eat will be fried chicken! Two Two chicken taste really good! it's boneless and it's nt oily at all!
 Follow by Andong Jjjimdak!Jjimdak is a dish made with chicken, various vegetables clear cellophane noodles marinated with some Korean based sauce. check out my previous post on Andong Jjimdak for more info
 omg, looking at these food makes me drool! This will be Kongbul! it's located at Hongdae.  
This consist of (PORK) Bulgogi, Cheese, Udon, Friend rice and a pack of fruit juice
U-sujebi serves good and healthy Bimbimbap! they use brown grained rice instead of white rice! The seafood clam soup taste good too!
The famous yoogane! 
Move on to street foods! I believe those who watch Korean dramas knows that there are many good street foods! there's tteokbokki, pajeon, oden etc! Every street food makes me feel so Koreanish. Hot food makes you feel great during winter! Moreover, once you grab yourself one of these food, you will stand like the locals around the food vendor!
Korea is also famous of Cafes, there are variety cafe themes available
 Love the cafes environment, there are lots of teenagers, young adults, working adults etc sitting in the cafe spending their time there. their cafes definitely make people feel comfortable. I like Angel-in-us! the caramel latte there taste good!
 One of the girls' favorite theme cafe- Hello Kitty Cafe! check out my blog post for more info on Hello Kitty Cafe
 surprisingly the waffle and mocha taste not bad  as i saw some bad reviews about their food
Oh yea, when you are in Korea, you must try their Makgeolli (rice wine), soju! Koreans love to drink it so much! I only tried Makgeolli thou
 In Korea, not only Korean food taste good. I managed to try out this Japanese restaurant at Ewha that served yummy Japanese cuisine! I miss this already
 Move on to something more traditional or cultural wise. You can always drop by Gwangjang Market. you can see various Hanbok stores, seafood stores, traditional cuisine 
 Star Miss Lee Cafe also serves traditional lunch box, dorisak! from We Got Married, i saw Seohyun and Younghwa dine at Star Miss Lee Cafe. In the old times, people bring dorisak to school. They tend to shake the dorisak before they eat so things mixed well.

 there are also some fun things to do in Seoul. Taking funny pictures at Trick Eye Museum

3. Shopping Paradise
I am soo excited that i get to grab nice bags for RM30 below! Shorts are cheap also! There are many unique products selling too. Don't worry, men also have nice shirts!
 People who are a kpop lover, you will be so happy to see kpop artist's poster all around the cosmetics shops and apparel shops! I get so excited when i hear kpop songs playing everywhere. i love KOREA!
 Lastly! cheap cosmetics and skin care products! i bet girls like me grab lots of skincare for yourself and friends when you drop by Korea!

Blogging bout this makes me miss Korea badly! omg! i want to go back again!

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