Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kid's e-world, The Gardens

Yohooo i am back! i miss my blog ^^
This would be a throwback post for Tara's Birthday @ Kids e-world, The Gardens
My cousin decided to hold Tara's birthday bash at e-world. so yea. here we are!For more info, you can actually hop on to their website for more info bout having a birthday bash there =)
Kids E-World Parties & Event

It's quite fun there, got free wifi! That's what i need the most *lol*
never been to kid's e-world before, in fact, during my age there wasn't any kid's e-world =(
Great experience for me to reminiscence my childhood life
It's quite packed, not spacious, you might need to take care of your child when u walk pass this swing

 Baby Maya ^^
 The birthday cakes
 Little Maya again *cute*
 My sis and me
 some freebies included in the package
 Food Time:

 NewZeland Ice cream *noms noms* i love the strawberry one!
HoooHooo Baby Aidan *cute*
 It was indeed the toughest time to follow them around, crawling and bending down our body everytime.
 Cake Cutting Session. cute cakes
 Our Birthday Girl- Tara *pretty*
 ok.. me. since i never had this cute cakes b4, why not act as if i'm the birthday girl
 Aigooo the cute boy
 There we go... oh yea you need to wear socks only you r entitle to enter!
 Lastly, some vain selca
Lips make: Etude House Dear My Jelly Lips Talk JPK002 (My review)
 My first time wearing hairband out =)  yea or no ?

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