Monday, June 3, 2013

Holika Holika Tea Cafe Mask Sheet Review

Another sponsored product from Holika Holika
Holika Holika Tea Cafe Mask Sheet
It's consists of 7types for Tea Cafe Mask Series

How to use 
- After washing your face, adjust skin with toner and apply the mask to fit to the face.  
- Remove the sheet mask after 15-20minutes and pat the remainder essence lightly for absorption.

1. Rosy Peach Tea 
- Skin Tone Clarification
 - Peach helps skin circulation and creates healthy skin.
- It also helps to keep moisture from evaporation to offer resilience to skin.
 The essence from the mask, alot right??!

 2. Lavender Tea
- Skin Smoothing
- Lavender soothes skin with antibiotic effect and minimizing acne effect. 
- Contains aloe vera to exfoliate and protect skin against dryness.  
Essence from the mask is an essential
 After using the mask on ur face, just use it on ur hand or leg to keep ur leg moisture
dun waste the mask yooo

 Product Review:
- Overall i think it's moisture enough, of course by using 1 sheet it won't really show obvious effect but i am glad that this mask is one of it which i had used before which are not sticky after using

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