Monday, June 3, 2013


Hey Peeps! since i am quite free (which is smtg very weird cse UOW life is always pack!)
so i decided to update my blog now ;)

Watched Fast and Furious 6 with my sissy
Vin Diesel looks awesome lol i kinda like his acting since The Pacifier ^^
Kinda hate the ending cause 2 of them died =(
anyway, back to my OOTD
Cardigan- Stylenanda
White Singlet- FOS
Shorts- From Korea, Ewha
Bag- From Korea, Ewha
Some annoying selca *sry #girlsbeinggirls*
My lovely sissy
 My damn irritating hair, i wanna chop it off and color it, anyone wanna sponsor? lol wtf
if yes pls kindly contact
 I love you sissy ^^

Never thought you would do this. Bravo

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