Sunday, April 14, 2013

Little update

Hey readers! (is there any?)
Even it's none, i realized that i stop blogging about my own life for quite sometime. some yea. i'm here to update you guys a bit bout my personal life.
Basically, i am doing great at the moment, however there's some health issue have yet to be solved. *sigh* and i am stressing out like shit for my final sem. i am hesitating about my future, my blog's future. 

oh yea! There were Shu Emura's OB x Foruchizu event & Lim Kok Wing Fashion show going on at Mid Valley on this weekend. And they were giving out free cotton candy!!
Peng and I were like hunting for the source of the cotton candy people holding onto. so yeah we finally found it ^^ feel like going back into my childhood era
 Peng and Me! somehow i love my shot in this pic. teehehe
random lychee + sprite
 A picture to end this post.

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