Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bag of Love, Unboxing Tea Party

Anyone here heard about the news of Bag of Love, Unboxing Tea Party collaborating with Delectable Su?
Yes?No? For those who don't know, i will explain about some details here

Bag of Love FB Page is one of the site which offers beauty box in Malaysia! 
In addition, Bag of Love is quite different as they are using different cosmetic bags to pack the beautiful products! The beautiful bag includes 5 deluxe sample-size beauty products – ranging from hair care to skincare, body care, make up, nails and fragrances
Check out Bag of Love  for more info!

On the other hand, Delectable Su the well-known shop in Malaysia who design many lovely and attractive cakes and others! 
 These are few design of cakes and macaroon designed by Delectable Su on Christmas Season
Damn cute right!

Since both Bag of Love and Delectable Su are collaborating for this Unboxing tea Party,
i am really interested to join!! Why?? 
First of all, i have never once tried any beauty box, now it's a real good opportunity for me to join this party and try it out *what a rare awesome opportunity* so that i could blog about this awesome thing for my readers and also to try out different product myself, since i am still a student, i pocket money are limited to buy the full size product myself, what if the product doesnt suit me! TT
Secondly, I always wanted to try pastries from Delectable Su!!! everytime i passed by their shop, i would look at their pastries and attracted by the scent of their popcorn *omg*

In addition, you can hop over to The Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers Fb Page to check out more awesome project for bloggers and giveaways! I am really glad that i actually manage to get to know this page! a real good help for infamous bloggers like me

Good Luck to bloggers who applied for this Party! wish me luck too *fingers cross*

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