Monday, April 8, 2013

Holika Holika Snail Skin Care Kit Prime Miracle Review

Yeah! i am so lucky to get this snail skin care set trial kit from Holika Holika
just in case you guys don't know what snail range skin care can help us.
 *Snail Skin Care is really famous in KOREA!*
"When your skin get injured, Snail helps to retains the miraculous renewal energy to heal the wound with naturally constituted snail secretion. The secret of self-healing power of the snail comes from the naturally constructed secretion called ‘Mucin’(Good moisturizing ingredient)"
Without further ado, i will show you how the box looks like
The set comes with
Snail Skin 
Snail Emulsion
Snail BB Cream SPF30PA++
Snail Cream
Snail Skin, basically a toner, this is how it looks on my hand.
pure transparent, with a touch of silk smell? lol
 After few pats, the toner totally absorbed into my skin
Which i really like it, cause it wont make your skin oily and it is well absorb into my skin
After Snail Skin, step 2 will be Snail Emulsion
 after applying it thoroughly. it absorbs well too!
Snail Cream
after. it's really relieve that this snail range doesn't dehydrate nor being too oily for my skin 
Before and after applying Snail Skin, Snail Emulsion, Snail Cream
BB Cream which comes with SPF30 sunblock! which is a plus!
 Afterall , i would say that this BB cream suits for fairer people, maybe not that suitable for darker skin tone user? Just my opinion thou, cse i consider myself as fair la *sry sooo muka tebal*, so this BB cream matches with my skin tone perfectly. Doesn't make me look too fair until so fake.It do help to cover minimal pores up and keeps ur skin moisture and in a better tone.
Maybe i shall consider this after i finish my Etude House's Shiny BB Cream!

My experience towards Holika Holika Snail Skin Care Kit Prime Miracle will be good
i continuously used it for 1 week plus, i am still loving it *it's goin to finish,my gosh!*
i always wanted to try snail products as i heard it can heal skin and moisture ur skin
so basically i am happy with it
My skin:
noticeable pores *piff*, combination skin, with blackheads and whiteheads problem too


  1. So have you noticed this product improving your skin problems?

    I'm thinking of trying this out but need more insight from reviews :)

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    1. Hi there! i really like it because it's really moisturizing enough for me. however i am not using it anymore since the sample kit just finish =(

  2. I am truly delighted to read this post regarding skin care which contains plenty of helpful facts, thanks for providing these data. Great article, exactly what I needed.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. I am glad that you find my review helpful =)) it motivates me