Monday, March 11, 2013

Dearberry Lip Service Lipstick Rocking Peach Review

If you all read my blog before, you will realize that this is my third review for Dearberry's product ^^
To highlight again, Boyfriend is currently endorsing Dearberry
I bought their lip service lipstick rocking peach which cost 5,500Won, they have variates of colors available and my review for lip service lipstick is right below this post. so be patient  read all yea *wink*

 03 Rocking Peach
 03 Rocking Peach swatch on my hand
a sweet peachie color with sweet peach scent, loving it
 Just a slight comparison of Etude House's Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips Talk JPK-002 with Dearberry Lip Service Lipstick Rocking Peach
Before: Pale lips
 Chuuu lips
My review:
Color: Sweet Peach,it looks natural even after u apply it
Packaging: simple yet cool packaging
Smell: It's smelling good with the slight sweet peach scent! Yumms
Texture: For my condition, i have dry lips, so i think it's best to apply lip balm first then apply Lip Service lipstick, kinda dry, but it's still good
Conclusion: Thought of trying Funky Pink next time =D

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Lastly, syok sendiri's endorsement pic lol *dun slap me pls*

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