Sunday, February 3, 2013

Trick Eye Museum , Seoul , Hongdae

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Trick Eye Museum.. My boo and I went to Trick Eye Museum which is located in Hongdae
In Jeju, there's also a Trick Eye Museum =D
Personal Advice: drop by during weekdays k, not weekends or school/ public holiday *sigh*
for me, i felt sooo paiseh n awkward taking pictures in front of others k TT. But i do have fun in Trick Eye Museum

 Without further ado, it's pictures time la, cause there's ntg much to talk about Trick Eye Museum 

I peep inside your pants *c*



Admission Fees to Trick Eye Museum↓
Adult - 13,000Won
Children (Below 18) - 11,000Won

 Directions to Trick Eye Museum↓

Hongik University Station, Exit 9
browse on the map i include below

when you see tony moly and holika holika on your left and right, just walk on the path in between them, then walk straight, you will see many Trick Eye Museum Banner =)

Buzz Korea

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