Sunday, February 3, 2013

Namdaemun Market

Sometimes when we watched Korean Dramas, we would come across some drama scene whereby the actress or actors dined in those typical korean food stalls which looks like a tent like this
These kind of stalls can be found in Namdaemun too! I went there at Saturday night!

On the way walking to Namdaemun market from Myeongdong

Passby Shinsegae

Before Namdaemun, we found this Red Bean Fish Cake Stall
doesnt taste good enough, the red bean filling doesn't taste good

Tadahhh after 10minutes? we reached Namdaemun Gate 5, once you reach Gate 5, you can find many stalls in tents! so bug in any stall you find comfortable with!
Selca in the stall keke
 Our fishcake and Tteokbokki *NOMMMS* their Tteokbokki taste so good!
 This heater heats us up, felt so warm in the tent! loving it

 The boo asked me to take a pic of him pouring
 Seafood Pancake! *i love it k, yummy!*
 Our food of the day! So big portion till we couldn't finish!
 Our rice wine (Makgeolli) *yumm*

Gun Bae!

 This is the stall we went in, if i am not mistaken, it's the fourth tent from the front (Gate 5)
we bugged in because this stall have the most locals! lol
 Part of Their Menu (comes with English, Japanese, Chinese!)


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