Saturday, January 26, 2013

Winter in Seoul

Hello my blog readers *is there any?lol*
just wanted to say that i am back from my trip to Seoul safe and sound
overall i have a fun and memorable trip with the boo

I LOVE SOUTH KOREA! i want to visit South Korea again in the future!

Just to start of my blog posts for the Seoul trip, 
i gonna highlight some main essentials items which you need during winter in Seoul based on my own experiences.

Items you need during Winter: (FYI: i when on 2013 Jan19-25)
1. Long Johns (inner body warmer wear)
2. Scarf
3. Beannie/ hoodie
4. Winter Jacket *duhhh*
5. Few Pairs of thick socks
6. Heat Packs (which you can get it from Daiso or any marts in Seoul)
7. Mask
8. Lip Balm (Vasaline)

this was how i wore in Seoul

Then i will update more on my Trip @ Seoul soon. so do stay tune yea. =)
A teaser picture
Buzz Korea

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