Thursday, January 17, 2013

27th Golden Disk Awards Kuala Lumpur

Hey guys! I am bck from GDA yo!

Thats a really prestigious award ceremony man! I can said that i saw most of the kpop artist d *proud* and i am really glad to see Suju*again*, Shinee, B.A.P*again*, Secret *without zinger TT*, Tara, FX, FTIsland, CNBlue, Lee Ha Yi, Epik High, Ailee, GD, KWill, Sistar, Kara!

Aigooo.. Everything was just like a dream

Thanks to mummy who got us a complimentary Rock Pitt Pass :)

B.A.P *really hot la! Pls come again!*

However i would say that the red carpet wasn't that those who goes know what i mean. And malaysia seriously dont have a good concert planner? The first day of GDA was such a mess. And people as usual, i guess its our culture huh? Pushing pushing squeezing squeezing to get into the concert venue. Isnt it too much? Cant we queue up one by one just like how the Japanese did?

And it was a shame that during Kara's performance, almost at the end of Pandora... The lightning setup went wrong, poor thing they need to sing Pandora once again. But fans for sure love it la. Lol

Anyway i was really happy that Malaysia was chosen as the place for the 27th GDA, it was really a good thing for all real kpop fans

Kinda regret not buying Galaxy Zone in the first day, cause i couldnt see kangin properly FML nvm i will wait for super show 5! Piff

Anyway Imma happy kpop fangirl trolling around!

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