Saturday, January 5, 2013

Samsung Galaxy 27th Golden Disk Awards (GDA)

I guess most KPOP fans in Malaysia sure knows that a huge Kpop Awards Ceremony is going to hold in Malaysia, International Sepang Circuit on 15&16 January 2013 right!
Tadah! It will be

Samsung Galaxy 27th Golden Disk Awards (GDA) 골든 디스크 어워드
Whereby Digi (My telco provider *proud*) is the co-sponsor for this golden disk awards!
When my sister and I, both kpop lovers knows that GDA will be hold in Malaysia, 
we were like "OMG WT* SERIOUSLY?! "
As a Malaysian i can feel PROUD that this huge event is going to hold in my Home country! Omg! 
Do you know it usually held in Korea, then last year it was held in Tokyo! Now...MALAYSIA Yo!

By attending GDA, such a huge ceremony, I get to see MOST famous Korean Artists together in GDA! do you know that?! This is like a once in a life time chance for such huge event to fall on my home country! I couldn't miss this chance to attend this prestigious event!

Oh my! Most important i get to see my all time favorite group!
1. Super Junior!
I have been an ELF for almost 8 years. Which of my friend doesn't know i love Super Junior?! I missed their Super Show 4 where Malaysia wasn't one of their asia tour country, but now GDA brings them to KL! I mist grab their golden opportunity to see them *cries*
Omg! Moreover my bias Kangin came back from the army! I am dying to see him in blonde hair and sing on the stage! then wave my blue light stick to welcome him *lol*
2. B.A.P
The talented rookie group! Who can stand their charm and talent yo! i must see them again! Hoping that they will grab the rookie award for GDA!
3. Secret
The four pretty girls who are underrated last time, they are sooo pretty, their songs are great! Omg i wan to see all of them, hoping Zinger is fully recover to join this huge awards ceremony
4. Shinee
Is another group i wish to see the most! The five gems!
5. F(X)
Who can forget their catchy songs like Electric Shock! Hot Summer! Danger etc! Would be great for me to sing together with their songs during GDA *prays*
6. Ailee
Another best rookie female singer! With so much talent, her voice is soooo powerful till i get goosebumps sometimes!
7. Lee Hi
The runner up of Kpop Star season 1! the young and pretty soulful singer! She left a big impression for me when i watch Kpop Star Season 1, it will be great to see such a young talent performing on this huge award ceremony!
and there are much more artists such as FT-island, CN Blue, Kara etc etc ! 
 As a huge kpop lover! I am urge to attend this once in a life time event! 
And hor, during GDA these artist for sure sings remix version and have special stages. 
Besides that, I really want to share my happiness for the artists i love who win an award during GDA! wondering how will it feel! bursting into tears? Shout out loud? i am not sure, wait till myself experience this! 
omg, i want to be one of the lucky ones to stand in the venue and enjoy it *fingerscross*

Btw, to those lucky Digi Prepaid Users (cse i am using postpaid TT)
You guys can get to stand a chance to win some passes to GDA! Check out Digi's FB Page below
GDA 4 Buddyz Photo Contest

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