Friday, January 4, 2013

Dubu Dubu, Mid Valley

Dine at Dubu Dubu located at Mid Valley, which is near to Guardian
To be honest, i wouldn't pay a second visit to this korean restaurant. why?

- Services is so freaking slow, i guess there's only one chef or what? Totally dissatisfying!

- I hate korean restaurants where they actually charge customers for side dishes! Hello! Korean restaurant usually provide side dishes such as kimchi, potatoes etc for FOC. Felt cheated

- Food aren't great, normal only lah, but the price is "nicer" than the food huh. Ko hyang, minarae, bee won can serve better food with that price. Even if you want to charge a high price, provide higher food quality nah

- After having my lunch at Dubu Dubu we felt thirsty, guess they use lots of ajinomoto?

Anyway.. Pictures time
Few shots of the menu

Bulgogi Beef Set RM20.90

Dolsot Bimbimbap Beef Set Rm17.90

Japchae Set RM15.90

Korean Pancake
The sauce they provided doesnt taste good too sigh

Finally.. A cup of Toffee Nut Latte from starbucks makes my day

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