Monday, November 5, 2012


I am really wondering whether i am that scary
oh yea.. maybe you guys are right i look angry when i am doing ntg or thinking or when i am upset.
so yea.. that's me..i ain't an emotionless puppet. i ain't someone who can maturely control their outer expression and curse or upset in the inner side. so what everyone have their pros and cons too!
of cause myself want to be a mature person who can control my emotions..

It just upset me that so many people thinking i am mother fcking scary till they dont dare to talk with me
i am born like this... maybe with a scary face.. 
i think i need to go Korea for plastic surgery and turn into a sweet, angelic and friendly face

ok my emotionless is worse than this photo. 
my angry face people will feel like slapping me. however i have no picture of me being angry.. maybe i shall ask my friend to capture a candid pic of me being angry 
 Me myself also hope i have a born friendly, girl next door face.. but i dun hv one ..
i think i shall accept the fact that i am like that and work hard to show a mature side of me
being able to control my emotions and swallow it and always show this happy face..
hope i wont get goitre *touch wood*
it still worries me when people said i am quiet.. sigh guess i need to act like a superb happy-go-lucky side of me whenever i step out of the working world... when can my mind bcome more mature..

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