Sunday, November 4, 2012

Kpop Fandom

Hey guys! i know nowadays everyone are into Kpop right?
i have been a fan of kpop since 2006.. went to TVXQ's first concert in Malaysia
and that time i fall for Super Junior ^^ they were TVXQ's guest =)
so yea. that time, the concert ticket were damn cheap! unlike now TcT

Today when i was looking up n down for my disc full of presentation pictures..
i came across these tickets.. the concerts which i have been to
i was lucky enough to get free ticket for few concerts ^^
- TVXQ first concert in KL 2006
- Super Show 2 
- Super Show 3
- 2AM showcase
- U-Kiss Fan meeting
- 2PM Hands Up Tour
- Play! FT Island concert
- Mnet MOA
- Girls Generation Petornas Concert
- Hari Belia~ U-Kiss
- B.A.P showcase

however, there are still few groups i have not seen them yet TcT
for me nothing can beat the power of Kpop, even i don't understand what they were singing
but there are always translation for the lyrics right..

Since i blogged about Kpop.. might as well i share you guys some latest kpop music which i love
B.A.P- Stop It
TVXQ- Catch Me (Their dance were awesome!)
Lee Hi (Lee Ha Yi)- 1,2,3,4
Miss A- Don't need a Man
Ailee- I will show you

Enjoy! cao!

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