Saturday, November 10, 2012

Waku Waku, Mid Valley

Haha my boo got another great deal from LivingSocial
This was my first time trying Waku Waku, it was a new Japanese Cuisine Restaurant
Waku Waku Menu
Waku Waku Ambiance
Double Cheese HamburgSteak RM21.90 (Beef)
Oh my this is such a SMALL portion for us, but it was yummy! I love the sauce, the beef was seasoned well, the cheese is great, I think cheese and beef makes a good match XD
Chicken Hamburg Steak Rm17.90
This is the chefs picked, sauce was the same, chicken was well. Poked and season, yummy! But I prefer mine (Beef) muahaha
Lemon Tea RM4.90 n Genmai Cha(rice tea) RM2.90

Overall I would think that I won't visit this restaurant till there's a 50% discount? Lol! Because the price is too pricy for the portion given even it taste good! Hope they would further mark down their price to a more reasonable price in the future.

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