Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Bee, Jaya One

Dine at The Bee at Jaya One with my boo since we got the food voucher from Joinme kekeke. This was my first time dining in The Bee thou
Pictures time:
The Bee's ambiance
The Bee's Menu
Rainbow Cake
The texture of the cake was just good, not too hard, it wasn't too sweet for us,i think this cake is like a piece of art lol. So pretty!
(we were lucky enough to get a free piece of Rainbow Cake as they gave couple of customers either a piece of Red Velvet or Rainbow cake for testing, the retail price is RM10.50)
Ice Lemon Tea (RM6.50)
Caffe Mocha (RM11.00)
Yea, thumbs up for the caffe art and biscuit but kinda feel disappointed with the mocha, I still prefer Plan B mocha over The Bee's mocha
The Bee Burger (RM23.50)
Yea, it's a beef burger with a touch of cheese and turkey, oh my I love this burger, the portion is huge for me. The beef taste good, well seasoned, with the mix of cheese is a real thumbs up!
Tons of fries given, until I couldn't finish as my tummy was bloated
This is how it looks nom nom
Avocado Chicken Burger (RM23.50)
My boo's choice, yea this taste good too! But i think it was a little salty when my boo cut a small piece for me, maybe coincidently it's just the small part was salty, as my boo thought it taste good, not salty, the sauce was quite special as it was made of avocado sauce!
Ended up paying RM37.95 for the total bill thanks to Joinme ^^
Overall I think this meal was satisfying, staffs were friendly, nice ambiance, however I was kinda disappointed as I couldn't try their homemade ice cream! I saw reviews stating that their homemade ice cam was good! Hope I get to try it next time :) (this is a restaurant I will make a second visit)

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