Monday, September 17, 2012

Sushi Zen , The Gardens

This was my third time dining at Sushi Zen located at LG floor of The Gardens. In my every visit, the person accompanied me was my boo. Hehe
For me. I was wondering whether Sushi Zen is a sub restaurant of Sushi Zanmai.. Hmm,, cause the menu are similar.. Anyway, I love Sushi Zen too!
Since we had our quick dinner at Kim Gary earlier.. This meal can be considered as our supper? Lol

Salmon(RM3.80), Tamago sushi(Rm1.80)
The salmon was superb fresh as usual. Noms

Stamina Roll (RM19.80)
it was basically topped with unagi.. But only the unagi shines the rice roll was so so

Crab Maki (RM6)
Noms I love this dish! Soft shell crab is

Looking forward to my next visit at Sushi Zen!
Outfit of the day! Was wearing dark purple skinny jeans!

Have to put on the retainer 24/7 for two months. Sigh

My boo *hearts*
I am glad that you accept who I am, my character :)

And thanks for delivering this to my house *giggles*
Gonna continue studying now. Caos

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