Friday, September 21, 2012

大众烤肉 Japanese BBQ @ Taman Desa

I am already missing the beef and pork form 大众烤肉 Japanese BBQ @ Taman Desa. Thanks to Ciu Ciu who suggested this place..
The meat taste good! Fresh! Ciu said the owner of the restaurant is a Japanese.
Quite a lot of Japanese dine there, as I heard someone conversing in Japanese XD
Oh yea. The staff there are quite friendly too!
We spend RM120 for 5plate of pork, 2 beef steak, cold green tea, one rice n one risotto


The BBQ pit lol each table gets their own BBQ pit

We ordered:
Cabbage RM5

Beef Steak RM25 this is yummylicious! The meat is so juicy! Well flavored

Pork RM10 I am not sure which part of the pig it is since we ordered 3 different parts
However I prefer this part of the pig although it have a layer of fatty part


Oh. This sauce is also the main highlight! So special yet tasty!

A picture I captured there.. Nice right XD

Anyway.. Ciuciu is goin to Singapore to further her career.. All the best to Ciu
Although we don't meet up frequently .. Like once in a blue moon
I felt like something close to me have left. Waiting for her to come back during CNY wishing her all the best :) my primary-secondary schoolmate.. True friendship bond won't break up easily although you don't meet frequently :)

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