Thursday, September 6, 2012


Hey guys, how are you all doing? 元気ですか?
Once in a blue moon, I send some short video clips of me for my boo
Lol. I know... I got ntg better to do.. But he still likes it *shy*
Therefore I am wondering whether to upload some videos on my blog.. Hmm

Had been drinking hot choco every day~
But this was Tesco's brand.. So nah.. Not a good one.. Good ones like Cadbury are expensive..couldn't afford it *lol*. Wait till I work

Isn't this top gorgeous?i wanna get one of this style.. And I'm loving F21's dressing room ambiance.

Sneak peek on what coordinate I wore for my dear Elisha's birthday dinner

Outer Wear: T from Hong Kong
Inner wear: FOS singlet
Shorts: Pasar Malam
Flats: from BKK
Bag: from BKK
Everything I wore that day was cheap yet nice lol

Teeheehee will update Again. Till then~

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