Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fong Lye, The Gardens

Had a scrumptious meal at Fong Lye with the boo
Hehe thanks to my boo, my craving for Fong Lye have been satisfied!
However I still miss the Sweet Potato Balls and The milk tea pudding! Grrrrrr!
Our order
Fresh Tomato Fried Egg with Fish Fillet RM19.80
Lots of fish fillet was served in this dish, portion they gave was generous. This is also a chef recommended dish.

Stir fried beef with ginger and spring onion RM19.80
The taste of this dish is awesome, I love the combination of the spring onion and beef. Amount of beef slice are given generously. However I prefer the side dishes they provided during my last trip to Fong Lye. The soup taste nice as usual!

I forget what's this called. But it was topped with ice cream, green and red beans, condense milk, taro balls. The amount of red bean and taro balls they provide are generous, the ice were so soft! Tasty beans, taro balls are so chewy, and the scoop of ice cream taste great! Taste like peanut...

And MoonCake festival is around the corner, This is MV's deco

Time past so slow when u r waiting for someone,
But time flies so fast when u r with someone u love.

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