Sunday, April 1, 2012


There are always people with high level of narcissism sigh
Went to IKEA with my boo yesterday, once IKEA comes to our mind
eventually we thought of Curry Puffs, Hotdogs, Coffee, Meatballs *nom~nom*

The curry puffs cost only RM1 per pc, Hotdog Combo (hotdog+softdrinks) only RM3
all these get to fill up our tummy with high level of satisfaction ;) go try it if you haven give them a try!
The value of the food definitely worth the price you gave!

Oh, another thing we discovered yesterday, which are the price of the Drink Vendor Machine, 
can of soft drinks only cost RM1 per tin, mineral water RM1 goshhh cheap!!! 

But one thing i realize Malaysian won't clear their table after their meal, 
culture in overseas IKEA are people usually clear their table after the meal by placing the tray of plates, rubbish and cups on the bins and shelves provided.

IKEA food n beverage pictures ;))

Outfit Of The Day

Watched Mirror Mirror
 this movie is okay, snow white is damn pretty with her fair skin, the dwarfs are entertaining, in my opinion, Mirror Mirror is targeted more to Children and Teenagers,
 waiting for Snow White and the Huntsman now

 Victory of the day: 
*thanks bii for the MNG's top and singlets!*

 My baby boo~
Last but not least, Happy April Fool! 
On the other hand, i would like to pray for the victims from Haadyai terrorist bomb attack

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