Monday, August 29, 2011

Spy Kids, Sushi Zanmai

Watched Spy Kids: All The Time In The World with the sissy
Jessica Alba as usual looks stunning =)
Overall this movie is funny but i still prefer the old Spy Kids

And we were given this little scratch card thingy
It's all about Aroma, when the number below appears on the screen just scratch it and smell
Ex: The screen shows Rebecca is eating jellybeans, you can smell jellybeans

Had our brunch @ Sushi Zanmai =)
 Hiyashi Chuuka
This is Awesome! the Salmon, Scallop,crabmeat are FRESH and JUICY
you guys should try this, but I hope the portion is bigger.
I'm carving for it already =X
Curry Chicken Katsudon
 Love Japan's curry! It's delicious as usual

Taste not bad =)

Bought some snacks and ice-cream back =D
MOW~~ i ♥ MOW's ice-cream =D

Otak-Otak From Nyonya Colours
RM2.80 per pc
 taste good!

Happy Holiday To All Malaysians =)

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