Sunday, August 28, 2011

Android Apps and Tips

Gonna share apps and info that i am familiar with regarding bout Android phones
I am using LG Optimus One 

One Tips that i found

To Avoid Wifi connection dropping whenever your phone is on sleep mode
go to Settings- Wireless N Networks -Wi-Fi Settings- Advance- 
Wi-Fi Sleep Policy- Switch to NEVER

there you go, your Wifi connection will not drop off when your phone is on sleep mode=)

Apps that i found good are as below
1) ScreenShoot
Enables you to Screen shoot the thing you want from your phone
2) Full Version Of Facebook
click Full Website, and you get to view facebook like the web/pc version
 Example as below
3) Skype
Enable you to chat with your friend via Skype Call
Enables you to type Japanese, nice app
5) TubeMate
Enables you to download or watch video from youtube
Enables you to combine various pictures in to one picture
 7)Sticky Note
Enables you to set a note as a reminder in on your home page

Enables you to capture photos and edit the photo's effect etc
9) Photowonder
Enables you to edit your photos and decorate them
10) PriPri Marron
Enables you to decorate your photos with cute icons as if you are using a purikura machine
11) 美图秀秀
Enables you to edit the effect of your photos and choose frames for it
but the only limitation is that it's only available in Chinese Language

Thats all for today, Have a nice day people ;)

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