Saturday, February 5, 2011

CNY =)

This year almost most of my CNY holiday are fully pack
Did you guys receive tons of ang paos?
But i guess due to the current economic condition 
the ang paos are lesser compare to last years'

haha ~ as usual i don't know how to park my car=.=

People usually shop before CNY,
but i shop during CNY~ cool

Bought my new skincare products  
*pore refining range* from NOPS
for those who don't know what NOPS is.
NOPS= Natural Organic Plants
originated from Korea
It's located at LG-1 Sunway Pyramid, near Universal travelers *go check it out*
the promoter are friendly, they have the patience to explain the product details
( ´∀` )ノ♪

Pictures Of The Day

I ♥ Pooh's Polaroid film

My Sissy ♥ SuLi 

Some Gifs  (^з^)


- 0214 *Valentines Day* is around the corner
what's your plan?
Guys~ Better plan wisely what to buy for your girls 
and which place to bring them to 
 want to buy some cakes/cupcakes/desserts for your girls?but not sure where to get it from?!
check out this website!
Valentine Cupcakes/ Velvet

It's none of my business, cause most probably i will pass my
0214 with my friends ;) -

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