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Must Try Food To Try In Osaka, Japan

Here are a compilation of the must eat food to try when you visit Osaka! Osaka is currently my favourite city in Japan. Let's see when i visit Tokyo and Hokkaido in December this year. Will then see which city is my favorite :) Without further ado let's see what are the must eat food in Osaka!

1. Kuromon Sanpei @ Kuromon Ichiba Market
Basically Kuromon Ichiba sells various seafood ranging from grilled scallop, fresh sushi, grilled octopus, sashimi dons etc. The one that i went to was Kuromon Sanpei. Kuromon Sanpei is famous among tourist, they serve sashimi dons, fresh prawns, oysters etc. I had a bowl of Uni&Ikura Don which cost 2,980yen along with a bowl of miso soup.
Look at this gorgeous don. Generous amount of Ikura (Salmon Roe), Uni and thick Salmon were served. The freshness of the salmon was satisfying as it melts in your mouth.
The Uni were damn fresh and sweet as well. Literally melts in your mouth. Something that i am craving for now. It's difficult to find good uni to be honest! This is definitely one bowl which you should try!

2. Endo Sushi @ Osaka Central Fish Market
Endo Sushi is one of the famous place to go if you were to visit Osaka. No joke, Endo Sushi has been around from 1907! This shop has been running by the 4th generation. It's open every day from 5am onwards to 2pm. Would recommend to reach early to avoid long queue! It's located at Noda Station, search for Osaka Central Fish market and you will be able to find this gem!
You can have a choice of 4 different sushi plate. I go with the 4th Plate with Sake, Ikura, Ika, Toro and Sayori. Look at this plate of gem. the thickness of each piece of sushi are no joke. Toro was really good it's fresh till the extend it melts in my mouth. For me Sayori was just okay. Not my piece of sushi but this whole plate is heaven.
Another plate which consists of Anago, Uni, Ika, Tai, Toro and Hamaci. Each plate cost 1,090yen

3. Kura Sushi @ Umeda (Kaiten Sushi Outlet)
If you are craving for affordable yet nice sushi, you should visit Kura Sushi which is one of the good kaizen sushi in Osaka. Kaiten Sushi means conveylt belt sushi. Each piece of sushi cost 100yen. Isn't it cheap?? I had 10 plate by myself! which only cost me 1,000yen with a bloated stomach.
Salmon Mentai was really good
Look at the Kani Sushi (Crab Sushi). This piece is damn good no joke. it's just 100yen. The freshness and thickness of the kanji was amazing. sweet and fresh,

4. Egg n Things 
Egg n Things is a famous place for egg benedicts and their pancakes. You will need to queue for a table. The overall shop concept was more like a Hawaiian theme which is quite comfortable.
Their Strawberry Pancake. Pancake was fluffy and their cream was good. not gelat at all. this pancake cost 1,130yen. Strawberries were sweet and sour. a mixture of it, would prefer if it was sweet.
Canadian Bacon Egg Benedict cost 1,350yen. The runny egg yolk and crispy bacons taste good. along with their sauce was perfect match. should give this a try which i don't think you would regret :)

5. Komeda Coffe @ Umeda
Calmed Coffee was originated from Nagoya. Whereby Nagoya has the culture of having bread and egg as complimentary when you order a cup of beverage during breakfast time. Besides, been reading numerous blogs that raves about this. Thus i know why people rave for it. I visited Komeda Coffee twice, once to try out their cake and coffee while another time i was there to enjoy their breakfast.
A cup of cinnamon tea 520yen, it wasn't too sweet, They gave a cinnamon stick as a spoon whereby you can stir and drink it, the cinnamon stick will melt as time pass. this was good.
Tried their chocolate cake as well. it was good and it doesn't taste too sweet like how most of Malaysia cake taste.
Here comes their breakfast set. Disclaimer is that i ordered a cup of tea which cost 440yen it comes with the bread and egg. While the paste in the picture was red bean paste which i need to pay additional, it depends on individual if you would like to add on. In my case, i have no regret adding on the red bean paste. It goes so well with the bread. 
Look at the yummilicious bread. i think it's really affordable to have your breakfast at Komeda Coffee!

6. Ichiran Ramen @ Namba
Everyone knows about Ichiran Ramen as it's one of the ramen outlet which you should try whenever you visit Japan. I love their concept of having a cubicle for each dinners, it was much more comfortable when i traveled alone and have my dinner there. i don't feel awkward at all as the cubicle made me felt like i was in my on world haha
I ordered their egg and a bowl of normal ramen. I think it is a must to add on their egg as Japan's egg is no joke GOOD. no idea why but it was GOOD. look at their runny egg yolk. The ramen soup base that i choose was non-spicy. Ichiran Ramen do provide English CheckList for you to choose your soup base etc. which is very tourist friendly. Do expect queue for this!

7. Takoyaki @ Namba
What is Osaka when you don't give their takoyaki a try right? Osaka is famous of their takoyaki! 
Dropped by one of the shop in Namba for takoyaki, don't recall which one but i assume most of the takoyaki in Osaka are good. Had this for 550 yen the normal one with squid. You can choose bacon & cheese or even shrimp. but the takoyaki dough wasn't too thick and the octopus gave was quite big. not as kiamsiap as most Malaysia takoyaki.

Hope you guys enjoy reading and have a great trip if you were to visit Osaka one day!

-Yours Truly, SuQuan-

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