Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bloop up your nails with Bloop's nail polish and nail strip

Hello peeps! Couldn't believe that 2013 is coming to an end. Then we will have to say Hello to 2014.
So, since it's December now, New Year is around the corner. I think most of you would go shop for some dress for countdown. SO why not gloom your nails up with some nails strip and nail polish!

Last week back, i got these Bloop nail and toe products from HiShop! And it's just in time for the festive season! Check out these cute Bloop products i got from HiShop!
 So this is my Bloop Nail Polish that i got. it's pink with glitter

What's cool about Bloop nail polish are
- Quick Drying
- Ultra Glossy
- Long Lasting

My Reviews:
- No doubt, it drys up fast, normally other nail polish which i used, i need to set it dry for more than 10minutes. But im impress that this could dry up within 5minutes! good job
- After 1 week, the nail polish started to come off abit.
- This color might not show up obvious when u take pics, so maybe you can put on few more layers to sharpen the color
- Overall i think the color is quite nice (it's pink!). What attracts me is the ability to dry up fast! Bcse i just cnt wait for 10minutes plus to dry up the polish!

Bloop Nail Strip

Some simple steps to put on these nail strips! Just follow my steps as below video!
Ignore my flat hair, just did relaxing.... hair super flat before wash

Some Pictures
 Make sure ur nails are clean before putting these strips on!
 Outcome ^^
I do agree that these nail strips are easy to put on! And it is amazing that this was my first time using nail strips. Not as tough as i thought! Overall this nail strips are quite durable. it last me about 1 week plus

Interested with Bloop Nail Polish and Nail Strips?
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