Saturday, November 2, 2013

Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Event

I am glad that i was given an opportunity to attend Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Event held at Rupini's Bangsar last Saturday. Thanks to The Butterfly Project  It was my first time joining the Beauty Project's blogger review session!

 Since i reached there the earliest, i managed to have a short conversation with Ms.Siew Woon, the representative from Himalaya Healthcare Malaysia .Thanks to Ms. Siew Woon's friendliness, I managed to break the ice and get to know more about Himalaya's product and some information about hair!
Besides that, i would like to thank Ms. Shireen from Spice & Sugar whom explained quite a lot of details to the bloggers

 We were given a crossword puzzle to solve and a choice of natural soya bean or sugar cane juice before the event starts. Something really fun to play! This definitely give me a better understanding about Himalaya!

Before i attend this event, i did heard of Himalaya before and even tried Himalaya's product before! So i was quite excited to attend this event! Since Himalaya uses Herbal ingredients for their products, so it's really natural! Miss Siew Woon told us that Himalaya's product DO NOT contain Sodium Laurly Sulfate (SLS) and Sodim Laureth Sulfate (SLES)! So it's actually good for our hair, what's more is Anti Hair Fall range are suitable for all hair types ;).

After the crossword puzzle session, i headed over to have a test for my scalp! I were pretty nervous to know what is the condition of my scalp isit dry, oily or sensitive. All the while i thought mine was sensitive, but actually mine was oily type *sigh*. Cik Fatimah, our hair nutritionist told me that i washed my hair everyday, naturally, my scalp produces more oil because every time i wash my hair, it removes natural oil from my scalp =(

It was also quite shocking to know that human hair drops around 100 hairs per day *omg* never thought of this.

Next, I got a hair massage with Himalaya's . Who doesn't love massage!

After the pampering massage session, we are asked to have a hair wash with Himalaya's Latest Anti Hair Fall Shampoo! Before that, Shireen and Ms.Siew Woon actually briefed us that after using the shampoo, our hair tends to feel dry. No doubt! it really feels dry after my hair wash.

When my hair was half dry, they applied the Anti Hair Fall Mask on my hair ends to give it some nourishment, the scent of both Anti Hair Fall mask and shampoo are so good! Girls really emphasize alot on the scent of the shampoo they use! so this is a plus point!

The Anti Hair Fall Mask really helps to smoother my hair, Shireen also told us not to apply too much on our hair as it will make it greasy. Yea personally i think we shouldn't put any hair oil or mask on our hair. if not it will make the outcome of our hair looks greasy *as if few days we did not wash our hair, bt in fact we did washed!*

While waiting for other bloggers to get their hair done, others were interacting with each other
Did you notice Rupini's decorated the surrounding with Green and Or

After all bloggers did their hair pampering session, Justin from Shear Perfection Saloon talked about some styling tips, comment about some bloggers hair. He have good sense of humor.
Justin picked few bloggers and Ms.Shireen to comment on their hairstyle and how they should style it to look better

Bloggers being bloggers, listening carefully to what Justin said and taking pictures at the same time!
Since it was my first time joining, i do not meet anyone in real life before (except Tammy but she's not there TT) So i was abit nervous that i might be awkward around other bloggers. I am glad to meet Kimberley! A friendly, pretty and KPOP lover! We chat like nobody's busines, i am glad to meet you! Hope to see you soon!!

Besides that, i met Colney, first impression is that her eyes are big. *envy*. Get to know that it was our the first time joining Butterfly's event! I am glad to meet bloggers in events!
 Our gift, Rupini's free oil massage and Himalaya's Anti Hair Fall Shampoo and Mask!

Once again, i am blessed to be invited to attend this great event which expose me on better knowledge, meet more awesome people and bloggers and experience the benefit of Himalaya's product! Thanks to:
The Butterfly Project -
Himalaya Healthcare Malaysia FB page -
Shear Perfection Salon FB page -

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