Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tous Les Jours, Bangsar

If you are into Korean food and beverage or even a fan of Eunhyuk, you will definitely know that Tous Les Jours came to Malaysia. I am hopping for more korean cafe and bakery chains enter Malaysia!

Back to topic, my sis and i decided to pay a visit to Tous Les Jours *finally*
Yummy pastries everywhere, i feel like tasting everything in the bakery TT. duhhh i am not rich, so forget about it TT


Things that we ordered:
Ganache Mousse Cake RM9.50
This cake is definitely the cup of tea for those who don't like sweet things because this cake uses dark chocolate, it isn't sweet.
 Milk Bread- RM3.80 (HOT ITEM GLOBALLY)
i like their milk bread, it comes with a strong taste of milk! nom nom! i love it!
The pastry below i forget about the name and price, but it taste ok, it consists of CHEESE, the only thing i don't like is, the texture is quite hard.
Caramel Machhiato- RM8
Taste okay. 
 Red Bean Iced Flakes (Patbingsu)- RM7
hehe i like it, you need to mix everything well so that the syrup, red bean, ice blends well. Hence, it taste better when the ice melts XD
Some takeaway pastries. My mum said the chocolate thing taste good! 

The ambiance of Tous Les Jours, very comfy and i like the design of the bakery! simple yet nice

Some Selca of the day! thanks sis for the meal ^^

Tous Les Jours located right below Number76 Saloon @ Bangsar. It's also lcoated opposite Hong Leong Bank Islamic near papa rich!

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