Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hanwoori , Ampang Korean Village Village

This was my first time visiting the Korean Village in Ampang, KL. Thanks to Lu, i get to drop by there. 
After scrolling through the awesome google, we decided to give Hanwoori 한우리 a try! 
Hanwoori was packed with locals and koreans, so we assumed that it won't let us down.

Sorry. i am such a failed blogger. i forget to snap some pictures of the menu.
As i was busy observing peoples around us, i felt like i am in Korea that time lol.
Anyway, both of us ordered Kimchi Chigae and Spicy cold Buckwheat noodles (Bibim Naengmyeon)

This is the Spicy cold Buckwheat noodle (actually we planned to order Naengmyeon but they don't have it today, so we ordered this)
It comes with a wasabi watery kind of sauce, sesame oil (i assume)while the bowl of soup i have no idea what it is. we actually asked the korean girl who worked there how shall we eat this. She told us that the way she ate is to add some sesame oil in and mixed it well (she mixed for us). For me, i think that it taste good, not spicy. I tried to add in the wasabi sauce, it taste good with it too! Overall this dish is good, i will order it again in the future! I regretted it so much that i did not try it in Korea even it was in my things to eat list =(

Kimchi Chigae which comes with a rice
 For me, the kimchi chigae taste good, because it wasn't too spicy. However, it depends on each individual, as different people have different taste buds. Some prefer spicy, some prefer mild spicy. This kimchi chigae comes with tofu, pork, kimchi, glass noodles.

These are the banchan from Hanwoori! taste good! i love their kimchi, noms

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5

Bill ended up with : RM42.95

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