Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Glasses Online Malaysia

I do believe most of us suffer from short or long sighted vision. Therefore, we need glasses or even contact lens. Or some of you might wear color contact for the sake of beautifying our appearances.

 Nowadays we do purchase things through e-commerce right such as clothing, shoes, bags, glasses and contact lens online right because we might not have time to do some shopping. 

While some of you might think that online purchasing Glasses and contact lenses
-Nahhh so troublesome
- Nahhh i still need to pay for postage! So its the same lah, better buy from retail!

There is one website call Glasses Online which offers products such as Sunglasses, Glasses, Contact Lens online. Glasses Online carries varieties of brands ranging from 



GlassesOnline also do provide FREE SHIPPING for

For my readers, you will also get to enjoy a RM20 OFF once you purchase a minimum expenditure of RM100 on any products including glasses, contact lens, sunglasses !!!

Just enter this voucher code for the RM20 off!!
Voucher Code:  GOsusu20

Do check out their website and Glasses Online Facebook for more info!

Hence, thanks to GlassesOnline, i get to try out Freshkon Alluring Eyes Magnetic Grey!

one thing i really like about Glasses Online is that they ensure your goods are kept in safe condition! can you see how observant and careful they are ( the bubble wrap they used to protect your lens)
No kemek or anything with the lens box! in good condition like the ones you buy in retail!

This is how it looks like


Pictures taken by Note 2 front camera

Pictures taken by Cmaera 360
Taken with camera
 With Flash

I would say that Freshkon Alluring Magnetic Grey 

- This color is more towards NATURAL side, for those who like something not obvious, this is the right one for you! For those who like contact lens which have a brighter or obvious grey, DONT choose this! you won't be satisfy! you can try Freshlook if you want!
- For me, i am satisfy with it! cause i do like natural contact lens! ^^
- The size of this contact lens wouldn't make my eyeball look too big, so i am basically satisfy with it!


  1. If you are looking for a brown circle lens thats pretty natural, but pops a little more than your average natural brown lens, then these are perfect for you! I really love the look of these lens so much.Contact Lenses