Sunday, August 18, 2013

Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion Review

Today i will be doing a review for Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion, Natural Beige W13. It will be officially launch at All Malaysia's Etude House outlets in September for RM109.90 

Before i start reviewing this product, i would like to highlight Etude House Any Cushion's functions

1. Pearly Soft Skin
After using it, it makes our skin looks brighter and cleaner with the pearl mineral powder and niacin amide as it have whitening effect

2. Fast
Any Cushion contains 6 functions (Sunblock, Sebum Powder, Moisture Essence, Whitening Essence, Foundation, Cooling Function) in 1 product and it takes a short period of time for you to finish your make up.

3. Easy!
with the provided exclusive air puff it helps to fix your makeup easily and quickly! 

4. Beautiful!
By using this product it helps you to own a clean and bright makeup with complete coverage with matte finish and it have a perfect contrast with my skin tone. Hence, it is a sebum control powder that removes oil that helps to prevent greasiness and gives you a flawless skin 

5. Moist!
With the ingredient of Hyalucronic acid sodium it contains plenty of water in it which helps moisturizing our skin

Precious Mineral Any Cushion SPF50+/PA++ comes with Baby Pink Packaging 
Any Cushion comes with 2 shades ( Natural Beige W13, Honey Beige W24)
The design of Any Cushion's packaging is simple nothing special, but the baby pink color adds abit of point to it as i believe most girls love pink stuff

This is the exclusive air puff. Air puff serves some benefits as it helps to minimize waste of contents through wide spreading with small amount which makes a thin layer on your skin and it helps to minimize skin irritation
 Just peel off the white sticker to use it
 How it looks like inside
Way to use Any Cushion

Before and After pictures
As you can see it helps to cover up my pores and lightens up the black dot on my face a little

 From these pictures it shows that my After side of my face looks smoother and a bit fairer. I do think that W13 looks contrast with my skin tone.

This is a video showing the effect on my hand with Any Cushion

These are the picture after i complete applying Any Cushion on my skin

What's more is Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion, can be refill!
  • When i put on Air Cushion on my skin, it really do feel cooling, i really love this function. It feels good on your skin.
  • After applying Any Cushion, it do keep my skin feel moisture
  • For me, i focus on products which covers up my pores. Any Cushion comes with medium coverage, so i am satisfy with its coverage
  • With Any Cushion it's just one touch, i get to finish my make up fast
  • The packaging of Any Cushion isn't something special, as it comes with simple design. But the baby pink color looks nice
  • As Any Cushion comes with SPF50, it am really happy with it. As Malaysia's weather can be really hot. 
  • And i do agree that we can have long lasting bright and smooth skin anytime and everywhere
  • For the Sebum Control function, after 1-2 hours my skin still feel the same as if i just applied Any Cushion. After 4 1/2 hours my cheeks started to feel a little bit oily. For me, the sebum control function was satisfying
Rate for Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion 3/5

As usual, this type of compact size can fit easily in any size of your bag easily

Some tips on how to wash your air puff

 Lastly, thanks to Etude House Malaysia. Do check out their official site for more information
Visit their website Etude House Website
Facebook  My Etude House Fb


  1. good detailed review. too bad not ngam for guys. haha

  2. wow! it really smoothens up your skin and it's quite natural, some products just make your face look not natural, but this works!

    1. Yup! The shade of this product is just nice ^^

  3. hey your skin condition just like me,, surely i will buy it!

    1. Hope you enjoy using the product too ^^