Tuesday, July 23, 2013

BeautyQ Foot Mask Review

Hmmm, i think most of us used face mask more often compared to foot mask right!
this is my first time trying out foot mask, thanks to Hermo ! Hermo sells tons of beauty products, so do check out their awesome web!

So when i get this foot mask, i started paying attention to my foot...when i look at my foot, i think it looks gross, so...unglam TT

by the way before continue reading, i would like to encourage you not to read before meal or during meal, it might ruin your appetite

Parcel from Hermo!

BeautyQ Foot Mask, it's a 7 days treatment

So this is how it loos like inside

Just follow this dotted line, cut it

 This mask treatment needs around 60-90 minutes, i did it for 75 minutes
 Direction: Just put your foot inside, and you will see a red sticker (pic below) , peel it off 
 then wear a socks to cover it up so that you can walk around even with the mask on!

 teeheee, so this is my socks


So after 60-90 minutes, wash your foot after using the mask

Day 1-3
 i don't see any effect or outcome, the only thing i felt is my foot felt moisture and a sense of tightness and these pictures are the condition of my foot

Day 4

My foot's dead skin started peeling off, i was quite excited after seeing the result, day 4 i hold my eagerness to peel of the dead skins

Day 5
More dead skin coming out, and i started peeling those dead skin  that can be peel off, beh tahan la, i cant stand my itchy hand, so it's a must to peel it off
The surface of my foot also got dead skin coming out @@
1st batch of dead skin
2nd batch

Day 6
the top of my foot, more dead skin can be seen

Day 7
tadaaaa nice foot huh, shiny!
all dead skin can no longer be seen =)

Product Review:
Since this is my first foot mask, i can't do comparison, so what i think is that, it sis really effective for me, at first i thought i can't see any effect cause day 1 to 3 i can see nothing. But day 4 to 6 i can see impressive reuslts, so yea. i think i have to use foot mask every month, cause it really makes my foot smoother and cleaner lol. 


  1. Woots, gonna try on my foot also. My skin was terribly dry and put on lotion, scrub also no use :(

    1. Yea agree! I used the body shop mint foot scrub before. But it doesnt work. This is quite good can give it a try ^^