Monday, June 24, 2013

Plusizekitten 5th Birthday - "Superman Movie Party"

Hey peeps did you know that Tammy's Plusizekitten is already 5 years old? *clapclap*
Therefore, kind Tammy held an instagram contest themed "Party Mode Face"
selected 19 winners will be invited to join her Superman Movie Party at
TGV Beanieplex,1Utama on 22nd June 2013 watching Man of Steel

So this was my entry pic (thanks for choosing me!)

1st time in my life, i was superb nervous and excited the day before the event.
since i am not that sociable with people i first met *sigh* as i am really shy and akward but i am excited at the same time to meet Tammy in real life and experience TGV's Beanieplex! cause i heard it was really comfy!!

for Malaysian bloggers, you can always join Butterfly Project Malaysia as you might get a chance to join event hold by the butterfly project malaysia! do check it out yoo

Without further ado, pictures time yoo
While waiting, we were seated at the TGV's lounge 
(isn't it great that we can have a seat while waiting to enter the theatre hall, it would be convenient for senior citizens!)
 Tada, Tammy's booth is located at the Beanieplex side
 Look at this cute dessert table prepared by Tammy's party planner Ask Joey
Once we entered the Beanieplex Hall *cute* so many balloons, somemore matched with Superman's theme red and blue
Our seat
 Popcorn and Drinks prepared by TGV *i always love their popcorn!*
 Look at my sis, laying down comfortably 
 Tammy and a management staff from TGV giving a talk before the movie starts
 After that, we continued selca lagi
I really love how the seat was, Superb comfy, and it wasn't that fluffy until it couldn't support your neck. It was spacious, i can stretch my leg to the max (my leg wasn't that short and too long okay), i could actually rest my neck and munch my popcorn at the same time while watching Man of Steel comfortably like a princess

After the movie, it's cake cutting and photo session
Chency and Tammy in da middle (Chency is one of the Best Dressed Winner of the day)
Tammy and Me *happy,shy* she's really friendly how i wish i can be that sociable like her *pouts*
dress code of the day : Red and Blue

After the movie, we grab a bite at Shimino (Crepe time!)
Candid shot, i have flat nose and big ass face
 Things i grab in the event. The honey strawberry sugar lip scrub was created by Tammy! we can use it to exfoliate our dead skin! gonna try it out soon
Ok the Pow! props i "stole" from the event ^c^
 And it's my selca time...if u dun wish to see my vain pics u can close it *sobs*
 Make of the day:

Lastly, i had a great time, Man of Steel is a good movie, if i did not win this contest i actually would missed out this awesome movie!!!! thanks again Tammy and TGV!


  1. Wuhoo!! Grab the first seat to comment. XD
    Nice to meet you sweetie :D

    1. HIIII Chency!! thanks for dropping by in ma blog ^^ did not say hi to u tat day cse i was too shy. hope to meet u again in the future and i will definitely say hi ^^

  2. ahahah so cute Suquan... somehow I am tempted to call u SU SU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for coming to my Superman Birthday Beanieplex Bash!!! it's so lovely to meet u.... ^_____^ for the first time....

    NO I am not sociable >_< actually i am very shy like u.... but.... I love being around nice readers and bloggers like you.. they make me feel happy & comfortable <3

    1. Wah! tammy commented on my blog *shy*. U can call me susu if u wan since most of my frens also call me susu.easier to pronounce n remember.kekeke. nice to meet u too!! Hehe. Really looking forward to meet and chit chat with u in the future! *giggles*