Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thirty8 @ Grand Hyatt

Happy Mothers Day yoo, this year, 
my sis decided to bring our queen to Thirty8 @ Grand Hyatt Hotel
so here we are!
 we ordered 2 pax of Afternoon tea Set
 our queen's
cafe latte- RM18
 Our Earl Grey
 love their Earl Grey
 mua queen
 Thirty8 Signature Cake RM25
the presentation of this dish is great lol

It's a banana flavored ice-cream , with a touch of crumbs , few raspberries with chocolate chiffon cake plus a touch of caramel sauce. I love the combination, for me it taste just good!
 Straight from oven chocolate cake, raspberry sorbet and vanilla anglaise RM25

 I love the raspberry sorbet, sourish yet tasty, since the chocolate cake is sweet, the raspberry sorbet is a great combination
look at the yummy chocolate flowing out from the cake
 Afternoon Tea Set for 2 pax
 I love their scones! taste good!!
 sauces for scones

The Salmon Sandwich taste the best! fresh salmon given, others taste not bad too!
but Mayonnaise lover might not like it maybe

 1st tier of the Tea Set
macaroons which taste extremely SWEET! my gosh , but the Almond Friands taste good

2nd Tier
Not fancy with the Strawberry Mousse Slice, but i love the Opera cake

 3rd tier
i have no idea what this is, but taste so so

 So macaroons are our props for selca!
 My mama
 My sis n my mama
 The ambiance of Thirty8 is comfy and view is good

Cute little flower pot
 And it became another props for my selca
#girlsbeinggirls VAIN
 My sissy- thxxie for this brunch!

 sms like a boss
 my OOTD
 main highlight is this kittie stocking

 My sis's OOTD
 My mama's OOTD

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