Friday, May 31, 2013

Holika Holika Prime Youth Placenta Cleansing Foam Review

Have anyone of u heard of Prime Youth Placenta Series from Holika Holika?
It was such a great opportunity for me to try out this range's cleansing foam thanks to
Holika Holika

The Placenta Line actually one of the Premium Line among Holika Holika's product as it contains varieties of phyto-placenta ingredients which helps PREVENT AGING (ANTI-AGING) and ELIMINATE WRINKLES

Bean Phyto Placenta (The main ingredient)
- Basically these Placenta from the beans helps to regenerate our skin

Photocell Peptide 
- Ginseng Stem Cell

Nutritive Oil Complex
- It contains 5 types of organic seeds such as Grape Seed, Adlay Seed, Safflower Seed, Sesame Seed and Rice Brain Seed. All these seeds helps our skin to prevent loss of nutrition and moisture
 (which is actually quite important for us, especially those living in Malaysia, we have really hot weather, so keep our skin moisture is important!!)

Some of you might be wondering
What is Bean Phyto-Placenta????
~ it contains more phyto estrogen than any other plants 
~ It's attached to the adjacent plant wall of the seed
~ Have got the same functions as mammal placenta.

What are the benefit from using the Placenta Series?
  • Anti-Wrinkle
  • Moisturizes and Nourishes
Pictures Time
Holika Holika Prime Youth Placenta Cleansing Foam

 Pls allow me to go vain before starting the review k
 This is how to texture look like
 Surprisingly this cleansing foam can make quite alot of foam ^^ really love it
After using it it's makes my face feel softer, until now (1week plus), 
i still felt my face is softer after washing

Product Review:
I would rate this 4.5 over 5. Because it is the currently best facial foam i had used. I used Etude House, Innisfree and Baviphat facial foam before. And this ranks number 1 follow by Innisfree's
- as i mentioned earlier, it is really moisture, after using this, i still can feel my skin moisture ^^ unlike some of those i tried before, after cleansing my face, my skin feels quite tight
- I believed that cleansing foams which can form latter of foam is good lol (correct me if i'm wrong thou)
- since i am quite old now (23) stepping one step into my 30's lol. so i do think this helps me out in a minimal way =)


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  2. do you know its glycerin or stearic acid also from vegetables or from animals? please share your information please