Monday, May 6, 2013

April till begining of May's bits and pieces

Hey yoo~ somehow i felt like updating my blog~ so here it is
Basically these are things happened to me on this 2 months

yea i am eligible to vote this year! so yea, i voted, my first contribution to Malaysia *lol wtf*
however, the result was really disappointing, everything isn't transparent at all. so yea.

Gonna start my stimulation tmr, which means i am one step closer to BOD presentation *dead*
UOW enables me to learn many things, but it's really tiring, but, no pain no gain hor 

3) Birthday Celebrations~
Celebrated Lu's birthday at Ciao~ and Ciu's birthday at one restaurant in Sri Kembangan. I am glad that i am still celebrating their birthday right now, friendship forever *chu*, 

4) I'm SINGLE 
yea, i am single, so wert! I am proud of myself being able to separate my private and college life, instead of diffuse (i learn it from Culture Sub!see i learn smtg from UOW XD). I believe in this huge and globalized world, there's somebody who suits me =). *hopefully it's korean lol, so i can immigrate to Korea*

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