Monday, February 4, 2013

유명한 수제비 u-sujebi, Ewha University

유명한 수제비 (u-sujebi) is a restaurant which sells Vegetarian Bimbimbap etc
유명한 수제비 (u-sujebi) is located at Ewha University (Ede), it's above Laneige Store, opposite New Balance

 유명한 수제비 (u-sujebi) Menu
 Me with the side dish lol
 I love their side dish!
 Our Vegetarian BiBimBap 6,000Won
Honestly, their bibimbap taste so good, special, they include nuts, seasemee, vegetables in it
and they give you a separated bottle which consist of their bibimbap sauce, so you can adjust the amount of sauce you want
 They even include a small bowl of knife cut noodle with muscles, this taste good too! the soup base fill with some seafood taste ^^


Directions to 유명한 수제비(u-sujebi) ↓

From Myeongdong Sation (Line 4) to Dongdaemun History & Culture Park (Line 4)
From Dongdaemun History & Culture Park (Line 4) transfer to Ewha University Station (Line 2) Exit 3

Lol sorry i forgot the direction, since Ewha have one Laneige store, so once you see laneige on your right, look up on the store above Laneige, it is유명한 수제비

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