Thursday, February 7, 2013

Korea Street Food, Seoul

As i mentioned earlier, Korea has varieties of nice food! 
Actually those who doesn't like kimchi etc no worries, there are other foods which taste good!
aigooo.. uploading and looking at these pictures makes me hungry *piff*
*saliva starts drooling* 

This hotdog stall can be found in other places.
But this is from Myeongdong, Right opposite Uniqlo ;)
I LUB THEIR HOTDOG! regret not to eat more TT 
3,000Won per stick ;(
This hotdog stick includes tteokbokki in between the meat! YUMMY

This is also from Myeongdong, this ajummas's shop always have many customer one
Their service are quite good, they offer to cut of ur stick into half, they throw your stick and waste away too
PS: those who watch Sunhwa and Kwanghee's WGM! the stall they went is beside this ajumma's shop! should have try that stall la! piff

I saw this thing a lot, however, i doesn't taste as good as i expected. normal la.
cause this thingy is really filling, after this, you cant fill anything inside your stomach d.
BTW, it's actually hotdog covered with french fries cum bread*i assume* 

HOHO this is also one of my fav. SOTONG!
From Myeongdong, after you choose the sotong you want, they will actually heat it for you with that silver machine in the pic below! NOMS!

Tteokbokki, korea rice cake
This is also from Myeongdong, this ahjussi's tteokbokki taste superb spicy TT
This also from Myeongdong, marinated chicken stick 2,500Won per stick
nom nom!
From Myeongdong again, omg i love this okay! this is located beside the hotdog stall!
it's sweet pancake with brown sugar syrup filling * famous winter snack!*
Marinated chicken Stick 2000Won,
finally not from Myeongdong ^^ it's from Edae
I love this more! it's like chicken with barbecue sauce, when you have this in winter, fuiyohhh nice wei
This is a pastry with red bean filling which i ate in Hwacheon
taste good! yummy, again, eating all these during winter makes you feel warmer ^^
Bungeoppang, a famous winter street food
whereby the batter being poured into a fish shape mould, inside there's red bean filling

Ok.. to conclude this post..i shall include an out of topic picture!
Suju's world blood donor day campaign adv i bump into in Myeongdong Subway Station LMAO

Buzz Korea

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