Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dream , passion

1.40am... When i received a fb notification

I saw my dear send me an invitation to like her's and kaka's page

A page which brings them one step closer towards their dream

Looking at what they typed, it makes me feel so happy and touch that they are actually putting tons of effort towards acheiving their own dream, and hard work do pay off in the future.

However, this suddenly knocks my head, it triggers my emotion and thought of "Actually what dream do i have? Do i have a dream? Do i have the dream towards a job or future which i am passion of?"

I felt so lost. I felt so bad for myself. Especially when i am watching KPOP Star right now. (FYI KPOP Star is a korea program where people around the world, korea, us etc participate and audition in this program to acheive their dream of becoming a singer and sign with either SM, YG or JYP, three top korea entertainment agency)

In KPOP Star, i realized that all these kids and teenagers practiced so hard, giving endless effort in achieving their dream of becoming a singer. Their passion... You can really feel it...

For example: if you watched kpop star since season 1, you will know Seong Su Jin, a girl who participated in season 1, however failed during the final casting audition. She never once gave up her dream of becoming a singer, she reparticipate in season 2. Her endless effort makes me question myself again..

Argh.. I am lost... Five more months till i finish my degree studies.. I really hope that i can struggle myself to find out what my dream, my passion really are.. So that i could work hard to achieve my dream and passion. However, i have a feeling that, once i finish my Degree, i would just apply for any job which is within my Majors and forget about dreams, passion. And this will be bad, as without passion towards your job, i know i would hv a hard time passing my working hours..

Some songs which strike my head once i thought of dreams..

I hope you guys are clear of what your dreams and passion are.. And work hard towards it.

Kim Soo Hyun- Dreaming

BoA- One Dream


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