Thursday, February 7, 2013

Deli Manjoo, Seoul

Korea is not only a cosmetic, skin care, kpop paradise. But it's also a food paradise!
There are so many nice food around Korea. Nomms
Deli Manjoo is one of my favorite snacks in Seoul
Deli Manjoo can be found at Myeongdong Underground Shopping Subway

Deli Manjoo is kinda famous *i assume* cause there are notes left by their customers including locals and tourist! Everyone says it's nice! so better try this out! 
 It's actually like kaya ball. BUT i LOVE THIS MORE!
you see you see!! the filling inside! *OMG I WANT THIS RIGHT NW!*

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  1. must try this snack when i'm in seoul soon!tqvm for info

    1. Yea yea. i miss this so much! Thanks for reading :)