Saturday, December 15, 2012


Its already Saturday TT means tmr is Sunday and Monday is approaching.
Eww.. I hate monday ever since i started my part time job

Anyway, went to Mid Valley with boo to gear up for our trip!
Getting all necessity ready to avoid last minute rush
And it have been awhile i have not dine in Fong Lye,
So here we are for today's dinner ;)
As usual, it was really packed today, required to wait for quite some time outside, but the good thing is, Fong Lye used the waiting line strategy *studied from service marketing lol*
they provide us a small cup of drink to ease thrist, menu for us to look through what to order, so that customers would at least wait a little patiently
My Choice:
Huhu i love the spicy chicken, the portion was generous enough until i can give some to my boo,i love the sushi and the green little sauce, their side dishes never once dissapoint me
Boo's choice:
Ooolala i the bbq pork was damn good! With the touch of sesamee seeds is yummyeh, suprisingly the kimchi taste good wei, wondering whether they made it themselves or... Hehe
Side dish, something with beef inside
To be honest, i taste ntg but only spiciness, its very oily too! Which most girls hates oily food.. So overall i think this dish taste really bad..regret ordering this
My current hp wallie, nt to focus on my B.A.P wallie but the countdown calender hanging there hehe excited na~

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